The establishing purpose of the School is to reconnect man with God, and to practice, study and expand the spiritual knowledge that Jesus of Nazareth transmitted during his lifetime on earth.


The Basilio Scientific School was founded November 1, 1917 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by two French immigrants.


The School is scientific because it investigates the spiritual existence and dynamics. This allows the practice of a faith without dogmas.


If God wouldn´t exist, there would be no human beings. God is the Creator of all spirits. He created them in love and provided them with the qualities Love, Intelligence and Freedom.




It is very difficult to answer this question because our mind is limited to this material world. You can try to sense God sometimes in your life at very special moments. He is not a person, a being, an instance, an entity or something you can imagine as a human being. He is a creating or creative energy who created at one time and only once us, the spirits. You are right now a spirit living in a human body. A spirit was created by this Creative Energy with an infinite existence which means you, as a spirit, have a beginning but no end. God could not be made; he is the Prima Causa which means he is the absolute origin of life, he is absolute love, intelligence and liberty. He is eternal which means he has no beginning and no end.


Spiritual happiness can be reached when you as a spirit are in total spiritual harmony. God created the spirits in total spiritual harmony with the attributes of love, intelligence and free will. The reason you are in this human world is because you became a disharmonious spirit and you are right now trying to evolve spiritually, or in other words regain spiritual harmony. Therefore your happiness depends on your level of spiritual harmony. Considering that the spirits that come to this human world are in different levels of disharmony and need to evolve, you can say that no one in this human world has reached total spiritual happiness. If you have good intentions and behavior and try to correct your weaknesses and are a ‘good’ person, then you are evolving spiritually or getting a more harmonious spiritual state or inner peace. In this way, increasingly you have the opportunity to feel more happiness in this human world. However, total spiritual happiness only happens when you attain your purification so reaching your spiritual state of creation again and are this way prepared to return to your Creator.


Emotions are the way in which you as a human being learn to experience your spiritual pain which can lead to pride and arrogance, to weaknesses, to hate, to envy, to revenge, etc. but also to feel yourself as a feeling being and learn to know yourself, to correct yourself in order to become a better human being. But this is also the way you can learn to love and feel loved, to forgive yourself and others, to be good and do good. It depends on how you handle your emotions to reach a better spiritual state or not.




For many people intuition is like a gut feeling, an instinct or a hunch. From the spiritual knowledge from the Basilio Scientific School, intuition is the way to communicate with the spiritual world through the activity of the mind. Human beings are spirits living temporarily (for the length of a human life) in a human body and can communicate with other spirits in the spiritual dimension and also with those living in a human body. All this happens with the ‘activity of the mind’. To understand this process you need to have an idea of what is the mind and how it works. Many people confuse the mind with the brain and some others with the spirit. Briefly, the mind is a separate ethereal system between the spirit and brain, which amongst other things, decodes spiritual vibrations or intentions (the language of the spirit) into thoughts and ideas. These reside in the mind or you can make a conscious decision to express these through language or a predetermined action. Intuition is when you perceive intentions or spiritual vibrations from other spirits in the spiritual world or human beings living in a human body. The intuitions you receive can depend on your own spiritual state and intention, if you have a good intention you will receive positive intuitions from your spiritual guide and other harmonious spirits, however if you are very disharmonious with no good intentions then you will receive negative intuitions from disharmonious spirits. This is why it is so important to always have a good intention and try to maintain more or less harmony and inner peace so that you can have the harmonious spirits with you always, helping and guiding you through this human life.


Why, yes, of course, you will still exist after your death. For millenniums and till now mankind wanted and wants to know about death and why do we die. The School teaches you that your death as your birth is a natural incident, though it would not always be accepted or understood. You are a disharmonious spirit living as a human being in a human body, so as a spirit you have unlimited existence. That means that “…as your body ages it may have illnesses that come with age, but you will not become ill, because you are not your body, you are a spirit, a creation of God.” Moreover… you will leave your body and this human life, and thereafter you are going back to your real life: a spiritual existence in a spiritual dimension, where you can continue to exist as the spirit, a creation of God, you are.


You are not your body or your mind because you are a spirit created by God. They are means or vehicles to lead a human life as a spirit.


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